Hi everyone! Jennifer here today to share with you the card I created using Mama Elephant Little Gnome Agenda Stamp Set.

I think that the Little Agenda Stamps Series are really great because they offer endless creative possibilities. These little super cute Gnomes are perfect for creating Christmas and greetings cards, of course, but they are also great to create fantasy-themed projects. Well, I choose to follow this second path and created a small illustration as a tribute to the J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, “The Hobbit”.

I know that in the story the protagonists are dwarves and not gnomes, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to play with these little guys and to put them in the dragon’s lair. Two years ago, Mama Elephant created one of my absolutely favorite Stamp Set, “Me and my Dragon“, and this occasion was perfect to match it with the Little Gnome Agenda, to have a fantastic Smaug for my scene.

As usual, I started creating a sketch of the scene I wanted to realize. I stamped my characters, I added some details to the gnome-Gandalf and then I drew the dragon’s lair with the treasure. Then, I recreated the same scene on a watercolor cardstock.

In this case, I used many types of colors and many techniques. At first, I colored the Gnomes, the Dragon and the treasure coins with watercolors, watercolor pencils and watercolor markers. I created the shadows with pastel pencils and I relized the details with Prismacolor pencils.

I really love to mix and match many different techniques, because I think that every type of color is perfect to create a different effect and texture. At last, I added the light effects using a white gel pen.

I really enjoyed making this project, and I hope it will be an inspiration for you, to follow your fantasy and create something unexpected.

As Mama Elephant said: “Be brave with your stamps, and the possibilities are endless”!

Thanks for joining me!

Have a beautiful and colorful day!

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Appassionata da sempre di arte e creatività ho spaziato per anni negli hobby più disparati (pittura, cucito, ricamo, bigiotteria, intaglio del legno, paste polimeriche, ecc.) per approdare poi al vasto mondo dello Scrapbooking, dello Stamping e del Cardmaking. Armi e Ritagli nasce con lo scopo di poter condividere quanto imparato in anni di lavoro e soprattutto di condividere la mia passione per la creatività a 360°.

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